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Which forms must be filled out by a person who wants to become a Jubilee Volunteer?


To apply you must do the following:

1.      Fill out the form at www.im.va

2.      Provide a letter of recommendation (from your pastor, the head of your ecclesial movement, the coordinator of your society of apostolic life, or the superior of your religious institute).  You may send a scanned copy of the letter as an attachment to your on-line application form.


Will the Volunteer receive a stipend or other type of recompense for their work?

No. The service as a volunteer is offered completely for free.


From what countries may Volunteers come?

The Jubilee Volunteers may come from any country in the world, provided that they are capable of speaking (understanding and the expressing themselves) sufficiently well in Italian. 


Do the Jubilee Volunteers need to be adults?

Yes. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.


What are the characteristics of a person who wants to be a Volunteer during the Jubilee?

The ideal profile of a Volunteer includes:

- Testimony of faith (involvement in the parish, work in the community, experience of other big religious events),

- Organizational experience (work in nongovernmental organizations, prior volunteer experience),

 - Knowledge of foreign languages,

- Capacity for communication and transparency,

- Willingness to be of service.

It is not necessary to meet all of the above criteria.  The most important thing is to have an authentic desire to help others, and to be urged by a strong motivation of faith.  Nevertheless, the final decision as to whether a person is accepted as a Jubilee Volunteer belongs to the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, which reserves the right to accept or refuse any application without indicating the reasons for the decision.


Can the Volunteers expect a financial assistance for their travel to Rome?

No. The costs connected to travel to and from Rome are the responsibility of the Volunteer.


How should Volunteers plan for room and board?

The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization will provide room and board for those accepted as Volunteers exclusively during their days of service.  Those who live in or near Rome may stay in their own homes.


Will the Volunteers be insured?

Yes. The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization  will offer insurance for the Volunteers which will cover the risk of accidents, effective only during their time of service.


What should a Volunteer bring to Rome?

Everything necessary for your personal hygiene, clothing appropriate for the season when you will be serving and for various types of weather, the documents necessary to enter Italy, a cell phone that will function in Italy, and your health insurance card (for EU citizens only).


What is the climate like in Rome?

Rome has a typical Mediterranean climate, mild and especially comfortable during the spring and autumn, although it usually rains frequently in April and November.  In the summer Rome is very hot, and the nights are quite humid, while in the winter it is cold and tends to be rainy.  It is also a fairly breezy city.

The temperature in winter is between 0°C and 15°C, and in the summer it varies between 20°C and 35°C.


Can the organizers of the Jubilee provide a visa for those who need one?

No. The process of obtaining a visa and any costs connected to it are the responsibility of the Volunteer.


How will the formation of the Volunteers take place?

At the beginning of every period of service, there will be a formation meeting conducted by the head of the volunteers.

Will the Volunteers participate in the audiences with the Pope and the main events?  

Volunteers should be aware that, due to the tasks for which they are needed, they will not always be able to participate in the main events in Saint Peter's Square or in other events related to the Jubilee.


What tasks will Volunteers have?

- They will welcome pilgrims and accompany them on their itineraries of mercy.

- They will accompany pilgrims along a walking path outside of Saint Peter's Basilica leading to the Holy Door.

-They will accompany pilgrims inside the Basilicas and Jubilee churches.

- All of these tasks will be assigned according to need during the period of volunteer service.


Will I be able to work with my friends and people I know?

The work groups will not be designated according to the preferences of the Volunteers, but according to organizational needs.  All Volunteers will be working together, even if they are in different places. 


Is it possible to arrive early or stay afterwards in Rome, outside of the time established for service as a Volunteer?

All volunteers, with the exception of those who live in Rome, are guaranteed room and board only during their time of service.  Remaining in Rome outside of the time of service is completely at the expense of the Volunteer. 


Where should I go when I arrive in Rome?

Information about where to go when you arrive in Rome will be given to those who are accepted as Volunteers.


What will the hours be for Volunteers?

The shift of service will last for the whole day, but there will be times for breaks and rest in a rotation.